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New Year, New Blog?

There are two stories; the short and the long and I'll give you both:

Short Story:
I lost all of the images off of my previous photography blog and decided to take the opportunity to reinvent my small home on the internet.
Summerleaze Beach, Bude, UK
Long Story:
I have no idea how I lost all of those images. If you were unfortunate enough to come across my old blog, before I made it private, you would've seen pages full of '?' and squares. I do have all of the photographs backed up onto hard drives, but I'm too lazy to go back through FOUR years of blogging and guess what each photo was originally. I'm feeling very bittersweet over making a new blog. I'm making this live on what would've been the four-year "anniversary" of making PointSnapFlash. Which makes me sad. I lost four years of internet life. However, now I get a new, shiny blog to fill with rambles and images.
What now, you ask?
The photography blog is going to continue! "woo" *fist pump* BUT, I'm thinking about including some more lifestyle posts and making everything more 'wordy.'
www.kayleighbicklephotography.com will still be live and will continue to be used my online portfolio; THIS space will be my online journal/notebook/thought-space. Both will run side-by-side but have different purposes. Website = Formal Kayleigh Bickle, Blog = informal Kay! Simple.

In true New Year tradition, I thought it was only appropriate to make some Resolutions for my little blog:

  1. Blog more. Anything & everything. From photography, days out, books, whatever makes me want to write and create.
  2. That's all really. Slight anticlimax. 
Have a look around and see what's new. There will be posts up on Wednesday's and Sunday's for the foreseeable future!

That's all for now, speak soon!

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