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30 Day Instagram Book Challenge

I'm really enjoying working on my Instagram (here) and creating 'themed' posts, so what better way to waste my time than to work on an Instagram Challenge. It's not anyone specifics, I just took a mixture of others and created one that felt appropriate to me. Here is my attempt...

1. A book about a road trip
2. A book you loved as a child
3. A book with a summer romance
4. A book that's under 200 pages
5. A YA fiction book
6. A thriller
7. A book with a yellow cover
8. A collection of short stories
9. A book that takes place on an island
10.A funny memoir
11. A book from a high school summer reading list
12. A book about star-crossed lovers
13. A book you brought at the airport/train station
14. A book about best friends
15. A used book
16. A book with the ocean on the cover
17. A romantic comedy
18. A book in the front window of a bookstore
19. A book that takes place in Europe
20 A book you bought without reading the back
21. A book with the word beach in the title
22. A book recommended by a friend
23. A book set in Italy
24. A book that takes place somewhere warm
25. A book that made you cry
26. A book that takes place somewhere you hope to go
27. A book adapted into a movie
28. A book that has a wedding in it
29. A book you've been meaning to finish
30. A book of poetry

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- K.B

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