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If you want to pack 80% of London sites into one day, walk from Kings Cross to NHM. It takes well over an hour, you'll go beyond your step goal before 12pm, and you'll walk along Tottenham Court Road, Oxford Street, through the West End, into Chinatown, see Harrods, The Ritz, into Hyde Park. It's all along that walk.

We had lunch at NHM - which was a little pricey for what it was - but entry into NHM is free. So they need to make their money somewhere. Without a doubt my favourite part was the Mammals. We paid a £1 for a map and planned the areas we wanted to go to. Outside they currently have a butterfly garden - which is GLORIOUS! (Though you do have to pay to go in, but completely worth it!)



My dream garden situation.

There is going to be a big shiny blog post about my time in London & possibly another one full of my film photos (when I get the film developed). But Kew Gardens was a highlight for me! I knew I was going to love it before I stepped foot in the gate. 

We decided to travel by bus instead of the tube. We decided that with the 30-degree heat and hour journey, we didn't want to be stuck in a confined space. Because we overslept and didn't want to rush around, we got to Kew Gardens around 1pm. It costs £8.50 (i think) for a student to get into Kew Gardens. And, of course, the palm house was my favourite glass house of them all!


Remember how I was going to read AT LEAST 10 books before I bought anymore...

Long story short; I bought more 6 books.

01. Elanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman 
People have been raving on about this book. I bought it in Tesco (because: 2 for £7. duh.) I believe I spoke about wanting to read this on my book wishlist (here).

02. Happy by Fearne Cotton
I have only heard good things about Fearne Cotton's books. I loved her podcast - Happy Place. So I'm hoping to love this too. Also, side note, Fearne Cotton's Instagram is my favourite thing - Honey's hair is divine!

03. Into the Water by Paula Hawkins
I'm reading this as part of a July book club. 

04. Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella
Sophie Kinsella can do no wrong in my eyes. I'm yet to read a book by her that I don't like. 

05. Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli
The film made me cry. Properly cry. In a cinema full of people. I think I watched it for either my birthday or my friends birthday, but I L-O-V-E-D the film. The book can only be better, right?

06. Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman 
A complete impulse by. It was £2.00 on Amazon Prime. I have no excuses to give. 


P.S. Books I'm currently trying to read: Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews & Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella. 


I have to say it is very pleasing that my 100th blog post falls on the 1st July!

I started this new blog in January 2017 (after my old blog lost all of its images and I felt like I needed a fresh space). And this is my 100th blog post.

Most Popular Blog Posts:
(and 95 other blog posts for your reading pleasures!)

Because it is also the start of July, I thought I would include my July Goals onto the end of this blog post.

01. Find a new job. I've finished university and although I have a job, it was just a job to give me a few extra pennies while in uni. Now I want something to help me pay the bills and start me off in 'the adult world'.

02. Start a new photography project. I'm scared I'll stop and just never start again.

03. Get my film from London developed!

04. Marie Konda my life... again. It's all a little cluttered and little suffocating. 

05. Read FOUR books this month. I started off really well with my reading but got sucked into Netflix again.

06. Make some sort of 'routine' for work days/weeks. So I still get all my chores are done and everything, and I'm not waiting until the last minute to wash my work clothes.

07. Redesign my photography portfolio/website. I think I need a bit of a 'rebrand'. (www.kayleighbickle.com). If you're a photographer/creative send me some ideas of what you like/don't like on my site already, or what you like to see on other sites. I'm thinking about making a small blog section on it, so I don't have general life & photography mixed on here(?).

08. Exercise. I have started working out again and thinking about what I eat. And I definitely have gone through ups and downs with fitness. And I don't want to lose weight. But I do want to feel stronger and healthier again. 

I *think* that's it!

Wish me luck on my first month of life out of the education system!


P.S. Next blog post is going to be a mammoth one from Kew Gardens. I took SO MANY photos & don't want them to be wasted. 

REVIEW: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Spoiler: I bloody loved this book! And I'm so glad I chose a YA fiction book to get back into reading with.

Synopsis: "Cath and Wren are identical twins and until recently they did absolutely everything together. Now they're off to university and Wren's decided she doesn't want to be on half of a pair anymore - she wants to dance, meet boys, go to parties and let loose. It's not so easy for Cath. She would rather bury herself in the fanfiction she writes where there's romance far more intense than anything she's experienced in real life. Now has to decide whether she's ready to open her heart to new people and new experiences, and she's realising that there's more to learn about love than she ever thought possible... A tale of fan fiction, family and first love."

Goodreads Rating: 5 out of 5 stars!

Firstly, I related so much to Cath when she was first moving to uni. I was terrified of everything and everyone! I didn't have a roommate, but I also wasn't in a shared flat, and it was so easy to cut yourself away from everyone else. Most of my friends came from my course, or people I knew before uni from going to a college in the same city. So, it wasn't all bad. However, I think so many people will relate to Cath's anxiety and feelings towards her experiences at uni. 

That being said, I would've loved to have had a couple of chapters from Wren's point of view. She's meant to be having the complete opposite views, but it would've made her seem more human (to me as a reader) if I had been able to read and see struggles that she might've been going through. 

There are snippets from another story throughout, a fanfiction that Cath writes based on a made-up children book series called "Simon Snow and the..." (philosopher's stone?). I didn't love this style to start with, it annoyed me and I don't want to read anything aside from the story at hand. BUT the Simon Snow series is such a big part of Cath, and her story, that I can see why it was done and appreciate the reasons why Rainbow Rowell included them. (They're only short and don't 'really' change the way you'll be reading the book.)

I have one problem with the book, and perhaps I was reading it wrong, but sometimes to the placement of characters were slightly off and if you were paying real attention to following the characters moves (in the scenes) they didn't always match up. However, this is me being picky and fussy, and wanting the perfect book. 

Overall, if you enjoy YA fiction books - you'll enjoy Fanfiction! 



I've got a hefty to-read shelf right now, but it doesn't stop me nosing around and wanting to buy ALL the books!

01. Wilde about the Girl by Louise Pentland
Yet to be released. But I really enjoyed Pentland's debut novel Wilde Like Me and am excited to see where Robin's journey takes her... 

02. Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine by Gail Honeyman 
I swear everyone and their mum's dog is talking about this book. It's been on my list for a while, but it's suddenly had a LOT of hype around it.

03. Holding up the Universe by Jennifer Niven
I remember this book being popular a year or so ago, but it's still not made its way onto my bookshelf.

04. Wonder by R J Palacio
Another book that I just keep seeing around, I saw it in Tesco the other day, on their 2 for £7 deal but had to walk away.

05. How to Stop Time by Matt Haig
It's apparent that a lot of the books I want to read, are in the mainstream right now and this book is no exception.

06. Girl Online On Tour & Going Solo - Zoe Sugg
I read the first one last summer, and I keep looking for the rest of the series in charity shops (before I decided to read them, it was all I could find) but, alas, I've not found them again.

07. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli 
I've watched the film. I watched the film before knowing about the book. And I LOVED the film, which hopefully means I'll adore the book?

08. Bloom by Estée Lalonde 
I just love Estée, I think she's so cool and she has the most glorious greyhound. 

09. Eve of Man  by Giovanna & Tom Fletcher
I almost preordered this book. I was so close. But I decided to wait. And I'm still waiting to read enough books to allow myself to buy more books again.

10. We Were Liars by E. Lockhart
This just keeps appearing in my recommended books on Amazon, and it's starting to intrigue me more and more. 


Admittedly I've not been using this desk much in June. But through the last two years, this desk has seen a lot of coursework action. 

My physical desk is a second-hand dining table. No idea where it's from, I got it out of someone's garage a couple of years ago. I wanted a large desk, because a) I own a lot of crap, and b) I like to spread my crap out. Desks are expensive, and you can pick up dining tables cheap (or in this case, for free!) You can fold the sides down and turn it into a side table, or have just half up, it's got options. 

On my desk I have some IKEA storage draws (here) and I've labelled what's in them with my label maker (here). On top, I keep my pens in an old plant pot and a cactus mug. My lamp is from Argos (similar here). And then I have some misc drawing pencils & watercolours. I have an acrylic paper holder which has some notebooks/weekly planners (Cactus planner is from Ohh Deer (here))/iPad mini. Then below I have an old Jo Malone box where I keep washi tape/double sided tape/etc. And the white metal pencil holder is from Amazon (here) and was originally blue but I painted it (poorly) white. 

The pinboard is from Argos (here), and I keep misc postcards/tickets/etc and my wall calendar (PetsAtHome). On the main space, I keep my MacBook and bullet journal. 

The desk goes partly across the window, and in the space, under the window, I have my main bookshelf from Argos (here), which is currently double stacked but I'm too cheap to buy another bookcase! On top of the bookshelf, I keep my printer (HP4500 Envy, I think), a pegboard from B&M, and some ornaments, my speaker (here), and a basket full of electrical tidbits. And in the window, I have a deep windowsill, I have a few plants! 

Wall Prints & Postcards: Museums, Sighh.co, Lola Hoad Designs (I believe Lola has shut down her shop though - sorry!), everything is fine.

And that's my desk!