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September Favourites

01) Bullet Journal
I have used the bullet journal system before, but this time I'm taking it *really* seriously. I have loved using the system throughout September, and into early October, especially being able to start a new one at the start of the academic year. (Although I didn't go back until the last week in September). I've got more blog posts planned; going through my monthly spreads, academic, etc - any requests, send them my way! I'm also loving the grey leuchtturm 1917 (here).

02) Mildliners 
I gave into the hype. I kept seeing them all over bujo blogs and Instagram pages. What finally got me to buy them was watching Rhiannon's video (here) and her linking to an Amazon page where you could get three packs for about £15 (here). I bloody adore them. I use them daily and cannot get enough of the pastel tones. I did not need them, but they're so handy. Especially because they have a felt tip at one end, and a highlighter tip at the other. 

03) Hair Serum
I was trying to think about what new 'things' I had used this month, and I kept going back to this hair serum (here). It was SUPER cheap from Superdrug (own brand, so vegan/vegetarian AND not tested on animals), and it does the job! I use it when I'm going to wave/curl my hair, and it just makes them look sleeker and more defined. I use two pumps in my medium-long length hair (mostly on the ends of my hair) - bringing any excess up to the rest of my hair. This range was on 3 for 2, when I bought it.

04) Autumn
I'm so happy. It's officially autumn. It's gone colder. Halloween is slowly approaching. It fills me with more joy than I can express. Pinterest is one of my go-to places to get into the Autumnal spirit - link to my Autumn & Fall board (here). As well as YouTube videos. Some of my favourite YouTubes for Autumn content are Anastasjia Louise, Neutral Fleur, one of my favourite YouTubes in general: Megan Rhiannon, and Simply Kenna who I've only recently discovered but I went back and watched her past Autumn/Halloween videos!

05) ASDA Home - Bedding 
I went onto ASDA's Home website on a whim, and browsed through their early Autumn/Christmas bedding - just to see what was around - and I found this beautiful bedding for £14.00!! £14 for a king size bedding set (here). You cannot go wrong. It's just the right mix of autumn and cosy, but you could use it all year round. Did I also mention that it is reversible? 

What have you been enjoying this month?

- kayleighbkl


  1. I'm so happy Autumn is finally here! I'm enjoying being able to have porridge and hot chocolates again, and being super cosy xx