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Hello & Goodbye

This post is a form of procrastination. 

What should I be doing right now? I hear you ask. Writing my dissertation. 

Do I have time to start blogging regularly again? No, I have my wretched dissertation to write. 

Are you going to start blogging again? No. Yes. Not until after my deadline on 11th January.

What are you doing right now, you idiot? 


In all seriousness, I am going to be blogging again after my deadline (or at least until I've written everything and am ready to hand in). But, I did want to explain what's happened since my last post (here). 

So, my last post was a round-up on my first week of 'No-Spend November'. Which, good news, I completed! *woop woop* After the first week or so, it was easy not to go into shops. I still allowed myself to buy essentials related to uni/car/bills/etc, but it stopped me from buying miscellaneous extras that I don't need. I am planning on doing a post all about how it went, etc., when I start blogging regularly again in January 2018! 

However, once 1st December hit, my card was being used again. And as of the 17th December, I've bought all of my Christmas presents, and only have 5 presents left to wrap!


So, here is my plan; this is my final post of 2017. I had dreamed of doing a lovely post to end the year, but instead you're going to be getting a delayed fresh start in mid-January. I'm going to write my dissertation over the festive period, and then, hopefully, come back and you'll be receiving one post a week (most likely on a Sunday evening). And we shall reevaluate the situation once I hand in my final uni assignments in May/June.


Have a truly wonderful Christmas Day and Festive period. Hopefully you enjoy all of the food. Have as few family arguments as possible. And I shall be back in January 2018!

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year,


- KayleighBickle