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Kayleigh Bickle
b - 1996 - Cornwall - England

FDA Photography & Digital Arts - Exeter School of Art
BA (Hons) Photography - Plymouth University

I am a Freelance Photographer based between Cornwall & Devon. Primarily exploring the relationships of modern society within my local environment. I originally created a blog called PointSnapFlash in January 2013. Unfortunately, that is long gone, and this little blog takes its place! You can read my original post to find out exactly why this blog was created and what its use is.

In 2017, I created this blog to originally continue the exploration of my photography. Over time it has evolved more and I've started to explore Lifestyle, Literature, and Photography. This evolved naturally from my Instagram where I document what I'm reading and started writing small reviews. After feeling the need to write more about the books, I came across to my blog and picked up my books along with me. 

If you're interested in getting in touch with me to do with photography or just fancy a chat, you can find my links and email here.