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If money were no question...

Please note that this post is inspired by Rebecca (From Roses) recent post. 

My whole life this question/topic has been coming up. Even in university, Lecturer's would ask "If money wasn't a problem, what would you do after uni?". I've heard friends & family discuss what they would do if they won the Euromillions tonight. As a species, we're a little obsessed with thinking about the 'what ifs'. 

In general, I try not to think about the lottery and think too much about the difference money makes in my life. But every so often, it's difficult to avoid the subject and you just have to give in.

So, what would I do if I money were no question...

01. Open a pet boutique/playfield/cafe
Firstly, my dog has a better wardrobe than me - it's no secret that Keira owns a lot of sh!t. Secondly, I love nothing more than seeing doggos running around and living their best lives. Thirdly, I would consider living off coffee & cake until the end of time. 

02. Adopt ALL of the dogs 
The older dogs who get forgotten about, the dogs who need a little more love and care. The dogs who don't get adopted. I want them all to be spoilt and loved. (Side note: I'm 90% sure that the next dog I adopt will be an older doggie, looking for a home to peacefully enjoy retirement in.)

03. Photograph Everything 
Without fear of clients not paying or no-one wanting my services. 
The scariest part of deciding to pick up more freelance work is the fact that people may not want to pay for my work. Or, even worst, not like my work. If money wasn't an object, it wouldn't matter, I could just mooch around with my camera all day and every day. 

04. Own my house
Not necessarily the one I'm living in right now. But the luxury of not having to worry about paying rent or a mortgage. (Ideally, it'll be by the sea, with a LARGE garden, big windows, lots of light, a cosy fire, all of the blankets & cushions!)

05. Travel
Not specifically out of the UK. I would be happy going for a weekend away once a month. I just love exploring new places. And I'm certainly not the person who dreams of migrating to Australia to start a new life. 

06. Go to my shows/gigs
Art/music/comedy/musicals - all of them. I'm always so disappointed that none come near me, and if they do it'll be when I'm too short on funds to justify the cost. I think experiences are so much more meaningful, but you do need some money tucked away to enjoy them!

So tell me, what would you do if money were no question?

Kay xx

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